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Question:Comment aider nos jeunes à acquérir les compétences requises au sein de l’économie de demain?
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Colleges and institutes occupy a significant niche in Canada’s research ecosystem, having capitalized on their community connections and modest federal investments in applied research to respond to the distinct innovation needs of local and regional partners, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In 2014-15 colleges and institutes worked with over 6000 partners, 86% of them SMEs or micro-enterprises, to improve or develop new products, prototypes, processes and services. They also conduct joint research projects with universities to develop new technologies, commercialize the results of fundamental research.


For example The Yukon Research Centre at Yukon College has partnered with a major copper mine development in central Yukon to evaluate the potential spread of contaminants in selected northern wetland species in a project which supports innovation and mine remediation technologies in the north. Another project at College of the North Atlantic (CNA) is working to develop a pump that could provide water for aquaculture operations inland. The team has developed a wave-powered device to pump water to shore for a land-based aquaculture pilot farm.


Research projects such as these are fundamental in addressing the environmental and economic needs of the future, and equipping youth with the skills to succeed.


Read more in CICan’s full submission to the Innovation Agenda here:

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