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Question:How do we work together to equip youth with the right skills for the future economy?
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Mining requires a complex network of skills in engineering, business, and trades.  These skills are developed by a strong educational system that teaches science, technology, engineering, financial literacy, business, math, social science and the arts.  However, young people must also learn how to embrace change, take smart risks and be resourceful. In the workforce, a great way for young people to build technical competence while practicing these soft skills is through the long-term application under the advisement of a competent entrepreneur or business leader.

The Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN) is a Business-Led Network Centre of Excellence comprised of mining industry leaders, academia, mining supply and service companies.  UDMN believes in equipping entrepreneurs  and young thought leaders with the right skills and experience for the future economy through active roles in UDMN supported projects. The concept of a business-led network provides a challenging environment that attracts the most skilled and creative thinkers, thus providing connectivity and global visibility to accelerate their careers.


For entrepreneurs, the task of training the next generation of entrepreneurs can be extremely valuable, but risky.  When a promising young employee begins work, they often lack the experience and skills to perform at the same level as a tenured employee.  Sometimes when an entrepreneur invests upfront in young employees (through training, education and mentoring), they decide to take their new skills and leave the company for a competitor or become an entrepreneur themselves (and perhaps a competitor).  


It is important to train mining industry entrepreneurs the skills necessary to mentor young professionals, while also ensuring they have the right growth mindset necessary to value mentorship. This could mean direct, sector specific training and support for hiring, leadership, and implementing tactics for developing talent, along with courses on leadership for enabling business growth.  By expanding Canadian entrepreneurs’ management capabilities, we secure the best trainers for the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs.   

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