Attracting talent to Canada

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 11/04/2016







To attract talent to Canada we must first create  world leading companies with brands  like the "Nortels" & "Blackberry " of the past and probably QNX in the future. This will arrest  brain drain from Canada and attract students ,researchers , Industrialists & professionals from  all over the world , which means we also need to focus on making our universities attract talent(both students researchers and teaching staff) with the correct curriculum, areas of research .

To reinvent the Silicon Valley of Califiornia USA in Canada  we need to provide a platform for Canadian born companies to scale and develop into Global companies. What Canada lacks  today  is expertise in Market research and  International Marketing and doing Global business, we require market  Channels to be created to create world class Canadian Brands.

Though we may have the Technical knowledge and talent to innovate we lack the talent in  scaling product to capture world wide markets and get recognition. , if we can develop a sustaining model of University, Research organizations, groups  working with Innovators and Entreprenurs to start up companies that then get scaled to international companies we may stand a change to kick start that cycle.

One must learn the lessons of how innovations that started in garages scaled to be world leading brands like Apple, Microsoft, Google...There has to be the promise of unlimited opportunity for companies to scale and this will trigger a chain of migration of Talent to Canada.

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J B by J B

Absolutely wrong. Canada has a skills surplus. We must first ensure Canadians are employed. We must substantially reduce immigration and foreign workers, ASAP.

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