Allowing easier and faster access to human resources to help SMEs innovate

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 11/04/2016







  • Streamline temporary and permanent immigration programs to allow easier and faster access to human resources to help with innovation. Recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are a step in the right direction in helping employers deal with labour shortages, and we hope the government’s review of the program will result in effective changes to the program;
  • Ensure that the number of economic migrants allowed into Canada is not reduced so that employers can continue to access the skilled workers they require.

* For full list of recommendations, see attached CFIB report on SMEs and innovation, Beyond the Big Idea: Redefining and Rethinking the Innovation Agenda 

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J B by J B

Absolutely wrong. We must do none of this. We must substantially reduce immigration and foreign workers ASAP.

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